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Kansas is struggling. We need leaders in Topeka who can create jobs, restore our economy, and make Kansas a good place for working families again. We need leaders who can say no to outside political machines and special interests. Our cities, towns, and counties need the same kind of leaders too. As we know only too well, who Kansans elect has a direct impact on our lives—on our paychecks, our pensions, our rights, and our having the resources and voice to do our jobs right. Our political action program helps us elect leaders who share our values and mobilize and fight for all the things we care about: good schools, good jobs, safe neighborhoods, and a fair state budget and tax system that doesn’t reward the super-rich at the cost of the rest of us.

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Use the link below to contribute to the Kansas Association of Public Employees COPE fund. You can contribute with your VISA, Master Card, electronic fund transfer, or print off the form and send us a check.

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