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Working Kansas Alliance Launches Ad Campaign

Topeka, KS — On the heels of a large, boisterous rally at the Capital in Topeka, and a packed Wichita legislative forum characterized by one senator as "the biggest crowd we've ever had," Kansas teachers and public employees are now taking to the airwaves to defend themselves.

Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, March 6, radio spots will begin to saturate their airwaves in the home districts of various legislators. (Listen to audio of ad here.)

"We're going to remind the folks under the Capital dome that they're not just attacking some abstract numbers on a spreadsheet," explained AFT Kansas President Lisa Ochs. "They're going after real people and their families in their own communities. The family members and friends and neighbors who teach our kids each day, maintain our roads, nurse our sick back to health, and otherwise allow our communities to function know they're not going to get rich doing so, and don't expect that. But they should be treated with some basic respect, instead of constantly having to fend off attacks from extremist politicians. Why should the only voices that get to be heard in Kansas be those of powerful, well-connected corporate interests?"

To build on the rising grassroots momentum it is building throughout the state, the Working Kansas Alliance will also be supported by a targeted social media campaign and, in the coming weeks, a series of online videos being produced to address specific pieces of legislation.