2022 AFT-Kansas Candidate Endorsements

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We are pleased to announce our candidate endorsements for the 2022 General Election in Kansas on Tuesday, 8 November.

We will continue to update this page as we complete our evaluations of candidates in the upcoming election.

The last day to register to vote in Kansas is 18 October.

You can register online here and you can check to see if you are registered by looking here.

Statewide Offices

Name Office Party
Laura Kelly Governor D
David Toland Lieutenant Governor D
Chris Mann Attorney General D
Jeanna Repass Secretary of State D
Lynn Rogers Treasurer D



District Races

As a result of redistricting following the 2020 census, your voting districts may have changed. You can see all of the new district maps on the Secretary of State's website.

Name District Party
Jeffrey Howards Board of Education 1 D
Patrick Schmidt Kansas 2 D
Nina Fricke House 6 D
Pam Shernuk House 8 D
Alana Cloutier House 9 D
Christina Haswood House 10 D
Gregory Wilkinson House 11 D
Dennis Miller House 14 D
Allison Hougland House 15 D
Linda Featherston House 16 D
Jo Ella Hoye House 17 D
Cindy Neighbor House 18 D
Stephanie Clayton House 19 D
Mari-Lynn Poskin House 20 D
Jerry Stogsdill House 21 D
Lindsay Vaughn House 22 D
Susan Ruiz House 23 D
Jarrod Ousley House 24 D
Rui Xu House 25 D
Christi Pribula House 27 D
Ace Allen House 28 D
Heather Meyer House 29 D
Courtney Eiterich House 30 D
Louis Ruiz House 31 D
Pam Curtis House 32 D
Bill Hutton House 33 D
Valdenia Winn House 34 D
Marvin S. Robinson II House 35 D
Vanessa Vaughn West House 39 D
Harry Schwarz House 41 D
Keith Davenport House 43 D
Barbara Ballard House 44 D
Mike Amyx House 45 D
Dennis "Boog" Highberger House 46 D
Dan Osman House 48 D
Brad Boyd House 49 D
Derik Flerlage House 52 D
Kirk R. Haskins House 53 D
Tobias Schlingensiepen House 55 D
Virgil Weigel House 56 D
John Alcala House 57 D
Vic Miller House 58 D
Darrell McCune House 59 D
Mic McGuire House 60 D
Patricia Smetana House 64 D
Sydney Carlin House 66 D
Kim Zito House 67 D
Mike Seymour II House 68 D
Sarah Crews House 69 D
Chuck Torres House 76 D
W. Michael Shimeall House 78 D
Kris Trimmer House 79 D
Misti Hobbs House 82 D
Henry Helgerson House 83 D
Jalon Britton House 85 D
Silas Miller House 86 D
Chuck Schmidt House 88 D
KC Ohaebosim House 89 D
Brooke Chong House 91 D
John Carmichael House 92 D
Tom Sawyer House 95 D
Mike McCorkle House 100 D
Jason Probst House 102 D
Garth Strand House 104 D
Jaelynn Abegg House 105 D
Brandon Woodard House 108 D
Edward Hammond House 111 D
Jo Ann Roth House 113 D
Courtney Tripp House 117 D
Mel Pinick House 121 D


Our Endorsement Process

We used two main data sets for the basis of our evaluations: past voting records/performance in office and a candidate questionnaire. Incumbent candidates' voting records and performance in office were scored by tracking votes on bills of major significance to our members, committee work, and other duties as an elected official. Those who scored above a certain threshold were put on the endorsement long list. Newcomer candidates were sent an online questionnaire with a number of yes/no questions and ample opportunities to expand on their positions; the written responses carry the most weight in the scoring of the questionnaires on a scale of 1 (best) to 4 (worst). The responses to the questionnaires were scored by staff and executive board members and then averaged. Those candidates who scored above a threshold of an average of 2.5 were put on the endorsement long list. The endorsements long list was then presented to the AFT-Kansas Board for discussion and approval.

Candidate campaign materials, public statements, and endorsements from other organizations and groups played a smaller role in determining our endorsements.