Legislators Mount Another Attack on Workers’ Paychecks

Kansas Senate bring failed Janus bill back for fourth try

Monday, 14 March, 2022

Topeka, KS – The Kansas Senate has introduced SB 511 - a word-for-word copy of last year’s HB 2354 - to try once again to tell Kansas workers what to do with their money. The state legislature has failed every year since 2018 to pass this unpopular, unnecessary bill due to overwhelming opposition from workers, businesses, and organized labor. AFT Kansas opposes this bill yet again.

On the Assault at Lansing Correctional Facility

On Wednesday, 3 November, a corrections officer was assaulted by an inmate at Lansing Correctional Facility. Yesterday, KOSE was contacted by multiple media outlets for a statement. We want to provide that statement here in full as well as links to those stories. We wish Ms. Bindel a full and speedy recovery.

Kansas Legislative Leadership Approves 5% Raise for Staff after Rejecting a 2.5% Raise for State Employees

Essential state workers abandoned again

29 October 2021

Topeka, KS – This week the Legislative Coordinating Council approved a 5% raise for all legislative staff during the 2022 session and a $250 retention bonus for all staffers who are continuing from this year's session. This decision comes after Kansas Senate and House leadership removed from the budget a modest and long-overdue 2.5% pay increase for all state employees. Said AFT-Kansas and KOSE President Sarah LaFrenz,

Quick Guide: AFT Member Benefits

As the old saying goes, there is power in the union. When we band together, we can accomplish much more than what we can do on our own--a truth that holds in the workplace, and in the marketplace. Part of being an AFT member is having access to a wide and growing variety of benefits. Whether you're a new member or you're just looking for a refresher on your benefits, this quick guide is here to help. Take a scroll through the categories below for an overview.