KPERS Study Commission Service-Based Plan

Senator King developed and presented a Service-Based Pension Plan to the KPERS Study Commission on December 7th. The Commission accepted this plan with an 8 - 5 vote. The new plan is essentially a Hybrid Plan which will contain two components: a defined benefit cash balance plan, and a defined contribution 401(k) or 414(k) plan. The current KPERS defined benefit plan (as modified by HB 2194) will remain in place for current, vested participants but will be closed to new entries. Overall the plan will shift all risk from the state to the employee. The new plan has an estimated 4% higher cost for the state than the estimated cost of HB 2194 passed by the 2011 Legislature and signed into law by the Governor. Below is a summary of Senator King’s plan which will be formatted into a bill and introduced to the 2012 Legislature for consideration.


Rally to Save the American Dream

Topeka, KS - More than 1,000 working Kansans rallied against legislation proposed to curb worker's rights to organize and participate in the political process.

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